World's first gay caveman found in the Czech Republic

Ancient humans remains are thought to be those of a gay man based on the way he was buried.
Found in the Czech Republic the remains of a male individual were curiously positioned and buried in a way that is usually only seen in female burials. Alongside him archaeologists found several household jugs but no sign of any weapons.

Archaeologists do not think it was a mistake or coincidence given the importance attached to funerals during the period, known as the Corded Ware era because of the pottery it produced. From history and ethnology, we know that people from this period took funeral rites very seriously so it is highly unlikely that this positioning was a mistake,’ said lead researcher Kamila Remisova Vesinova.

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A.R Rahman - Its more than only Jai Ho

A.R Rahman, the music-maestro from India had achieved 2 Academy awards for his composing work in the film "The Slum Dog Millionaire ", especially the "jai -ho" track taken the world by storm, the people get to know about the creation of this extremely talented composer who sometimes also denoted as the "Mozart of the East". Its only after the release of the "Slum dog" that the people around the world came to know about this composer and his creations but apart from "Jai ho", he have composed lots of other mind blowing (I literally mean it) composition . If some body asked me to vote "jai ho" out of 10, keeping in mind Rahman's other works, I would give it 5. If you really want to feel the depth of Rahman's creativity and its unmatched flavor, then you must have to listen to the tracks of "Dil Se", "Roja", "Taal" , "Rangeela", "Saathiya" and the list will go on.

I'm sharing a fantastic song from the movie Dil se, the song called "Jia Jale (Burning Heart)". Its a wonderful mixture of authentic Indian percussion works and honey-sweet voice of great Lata Mangeshkar.I hope you enjoy it.